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Anonymous said: “Tbh this new idea that loads of nb people are just "teenage girls trying to be cool" (which is not true at all and the teenage girl part reeks of misogyny) kind of reminds me of the whole "teenage girls pretend to be bi to be cool" myth and think that saying that helps the real bisexuals/real trans people™ when all it really does is make people doubt their identities and feel insecure about them.”







WHOOP there it is.

Except that it actually was a real trend that happened. A bunch of kids DID appropriate being bisexual in order to look cool, and it really delegitimized bisexuality, in the exact same way that transtrending is doing now.

-Mr. Satan

none of your “mods” are trans or bisexual so you should PROBABLY shut the fuck up and stop talking out of your ass(es?)…  sorry just speaking the truth…

Uh, I’m bisexual (I use the term pansexual, which is a form of bisexuality) and gender non-conforming, you fucking idiot. Maybe go read the page first before you make assumptions and talk out of YOUR ass.

-Mr. Satan

pansexuality is nothing like bisexuality lmfao…

also nice you’re still not even going to apologize for talking about trans issues when you’re not trans.  nice nice nice.

bye bye “mr. satan”

'pansexual which is a form of bisexuality'
IF IT WAS IT WOULDN’T BE CALLED PANSEXUAL NOW WOULD IT?! these ‘for justice’ blogs are so fucking ineffective

Actually, I have seen the point made that pan does fall under some kind of “bi umbrella”. Since bi is attraction to the same gender plus other genders, and pan is attraction to all genders — which would include the same and others — there is some overlap, and people that are pan can chose to id as bi for that reason. Even if “form of bisexuality” feels… off, I don’t think they’re completely off base with that part.

However, they are off base with their other point: What “delegitimize(s)” bisexuality and every other multisexual orientation is the people who treat us like shit because of our orientations. Those people would do that regardless of whether or not some kids may or may not have pretended to be bi. In fact, there’s also a chance most of those kids were experimenting/questioning their sexuality or that they were actually bi but decided to id as either gay or straight because of all of the stigma thrown at bisexuality.

I would think there is a similar principle to be applied here to people assuming others are pretending to be trans: The issue of people being shitty to trans people existed long before these people started talking about being nonbinary on the internet and would have continued to exist even if people didn’t find people who felt similarly and a place to talk about it.

All I know is that all of the assumptions that teenage girls only ever pretend to be bi for attention hurt me more than anyone who may have been faking it. So regardless of whether or not someone is faking some part of their identity the problem is the large amount of people who dehumanize people and shit on their identity, often because of the assumption they are making it up.

And, honestly, no one fakes their identity half as much as anti-sj troll blogs, most of which are really obvious. I’m willing to bet more of those are grown men than they are teenage girls.

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You've been studying, I see. 
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Storm 002

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Police brutality in Ferguson costs taxpayers millions.

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drawciasoul was really sweet and got me a female shiny braixen! her name is tabitha and i love her omg

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Nextwave #9

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Wild Arms Alter Code: F - A Mere Test of Ability ~ Jack’s Theme

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Reminds me of my friend and I

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura vs Mami set 2

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Marceline playing on her FAMILY BATTLE AXE BASS XD

Her outfit from It Came From The Nightosphere…………..

asddafasfdafda14 nothing to say but this was something to help me relax OTL

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