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Smash’s Favorite Characters: 1/?

Janus Cascade from Wild Arms 3

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Deadpool kinda day. #deadpoolcorps #deadpool #tykes #illustration #drawing #dailydrawing #dailydoodle #ink #coloredpencil #pentelbrushpen

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I THANK THIS MAN FOR EXISTING AND BEING AWESOME. I had seen him on Friday but didn’t say anything to him because I was unsure. However I saw him again on Saturday and asked if he was cosplaying Toguro. And yes, yes he was

I saw two other yyh cosplayers but didn’t get a chance to see their cosplays but I made a point of complimenting the female Yusuke and Yoko kurama on their costumes

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dun dun DUN *creepy music plays*

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fenrir-drifter replied to your post “I have a thing I want to say and I’ve told like five people but I’m…”

I understand that. I’m always unsure if I should say “the thing” or not. What it the thing never happens? What if it does? Does saying it “make it real”? What if my entire life is some weird version of The Trueman Show?

It does get a little surreal when things fall into place after falling apart, doesn’t it?\

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Current party

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I have a thing I want to say and I’ve told like five people but I’m stuck in this “I don’t want to curse anything in case it doesn’t work out.” because I’m very much a “Don’t get your hopes up when there’s a risk of being let down.” kind of person.

But I feel excited anyway and I’m kind of stuck in this mode of excited but also nervous because I have been particularly “Everything that can go wrong will.” the last few months and things looking good makes me hopeful and that scares me because “looking good” and “going good” aren’t always the same thing.

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  • hydra merchandising is not cool
  • death eater merchandising is not cool
  • the harry potter fandom embracing death eater imagery is not cool
  • the mcu cast and marvel staff embracing hydra imagery is not cool 

impressionable children who don’t know better are being sold the images and logos of fictional extremist hate movements that are very clear metaphors for real extremist hate movements as something innocent and attractive, and that is not cool

Well, being one of the kids who’s sick of the heroes always winning in kid’s movies (which is quite unrealistic considering the real world) I actually very much like villains. They’re never given the upper hand.
Just because I like them, though, doesn’t mean I agree with them. Neither do other kids. Besides, the death eater symbol is pretty cool. So are hydras.

there is a very clear difference between ‘appreciating villains’ and ‘rooting for genocide’. specially in the case of hydra, which is not a metaphor for nazism but a (fictional) branch of the actual, real world first nazi movement. you can make excuses for death eaters (a well written villain doesn’t justify that the industry around the harry potter series glamorizes purist ideals and sells them to young children; but whatever), but there is no ‘metaphor’ in hydra. hydra is a nazi movement.

appreciating the hydra agents as well written antagonists is cool, wanting to explore the possibility of aus where hydra wins because dystopia is an important genre in social commentary is super cool; but apologizing for, defending or even rooting for hydra, and adopting their imagery is literally rooting for a nazi movement. there is not much to argue there.

but it doesn’t have to do with you or me individually agreeing with racial purity ideals, but with the fact that the industry sells racial purists and neo nazis as likeable and redeemable villains, or even ‘anti heroes’. see: the maos head writer calling himself and ‘hydra agent’ and then saying that grant ward’s actions don’t make him a villain. 

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Part 5 of the  #sonic fresco - Hill Top Zone

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A costume redesign for Storm. I actually don’t like the outfit I gave her; it was just me mindlessly doodling around. But I quite like the drawing itself.

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No one gets to define someone’s sexuality but themselves.

No one gets to define someone’s sexuality but themselves.

No one gets to define someone’s sexuality but themselves.

No one gets to define someone’s sexuality but themselves.

No one gets to define someone’s sexuality but themselves.

If you try to define someone else’s sexuality you are gross and you should punch yourself.

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My favorite photos from the shoot the other day <3 

Photo by WjsCosplay

Cosplayer (Me): Niicakes

Check out my page^ to see the rest <3 

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