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Now they live forever, trapped in statues. But when a summoner beckons, the souls of the fayth emerge once again. That’s what we call an aeon.

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I was actually keeping good pacing with those gifsets for a while, but I’ve not done any since last night. I’ve got two more left to do as of right now, and I’ll probably start on those in a few hours after I get a few other obligations out of the way.

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Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition | Anastasia’s Guidance

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I was curious what Tumblr would give me if I tried this thing again because my tags reset today. (Which means most of the tags that will show up have to be on really long posts, since those are the ones that stick around when the tags get cleared out.)

#you will have a hard time laughing at anything else

#also all the hugs thor can’t give

#what is anatomy?

#i think this is why the kids at school asked me if i did drugs when they read my writing



#because I feel they are important

#I never finished any of these and never will*

Ones with * at the end are the same. Which means two of the ones that showed up in the other post were super old tags and everything else was relatively new.

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I’ve lost track of how many times I “finally” found a solution to a big problem in my life only for that solution to be a temporary fix with which I can’t keep up.

I used to excitedly announce these things to people, but after so many times it’s become clear that’s not a smart idea and generally leads to disappointment and awkward conversations.

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I ended up making a bunch of “What if?” questions to try to work through some things and in the end it devolved into “What if __ was a reincarnation (of __)?” like six times, which would be over half the questions on the page.

Reincarnation wasn’t even a thing I was using in this until then. (And I still don’t know if I am, or if any of these are going anywhere.)

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What if Daffodil overcomes/transcends death?

I have asked myself this question at least four times and I still have no idea what it means.

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"This good-natured one always will. But, not me."
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"legendary guardian" lol

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when you play the game of going through a female characters tag you either win or you only find porn

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anonymous asked: Dr Robotnik or Dr Eggman

I know this was just asingingpenguin making fun of me for my stubbornness with his name, but I still think everyone needs to watch this video.

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