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Puella Magi Madoka Magica - The Different Story - Volume 1 - Ep. 3

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Had to draw my new impy baby, Vanity

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katisconfused sshhh maybe he doesn’t want people to know that.

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X-Men Days of Future Past
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There’s a dog at work today who is a real life deviantart oc. He’s a border collie with long blonde 90s surfer dude bangs and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen since I started this job

Nature is a wonder


I was being 100% serious

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the pulse vestige: oerba dia vanille

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stupid bbs

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Ahaha peonies are impossible to draw ;_;

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I’m skeptical about the idea that people can appropriate disabled experiences in the same way they can culture

Like…if you experience something that is similar to my experiences, and that is similarly debilitating

I don’t care if you have the same Disability Label I do, we still have a bond there.

Especially for psychiatric stuff, where diagnosis is mostly just based on identifying a collection of symptoms? If you have one less symptom than you need to earn the label, it doesn’t make the symptoms you DO have any less real


#seriously  #also they’re generally shit at recognizing patterns  #and applying appropriate labels  
And besides all that - if you have certain experiences, you have those experiences.  There’s no way you can be “appropriating” them.  They are happening to you and you can talk about them.
And if certain ways disabled people make their lives better also help you - it’s ok to do them!
(Of course there are ways of being a dick when talking about disability, and it’s better if people avoid being a dick.  But that’s a separate issue)

I only have been able to find one actively posting person who talks about mitochondrial disease on tumblr and one who is in the process of getting a diagnosis who I would be shocked if they didn’t have it.

Mito is a lot like autism in that the majority of the support is aimed to parents and there is very little out there for adults. I once went through 30 pages of google search for mito blogs and I was again, only able to find one that was both active and not run by a parent.

So what do you do then?

Well first I had an erythromelagia diagnosis so I followed people with neuropathy. (erythromelagia specifically is also hard to find support for, the yahoo group at least is active though) I made 1 EM friend and a bunch of friends with CRPS.

I followed people for hypermobility as well as EDS

I followed people with dysautonomia because I have those symptoms too

I followed people with developmental disabilities and sensory issues for those aspects of my illness

I broke everything down into the symptoms, and found people who had similar ones. And by doing this I have filled my dash with people like me who post relatable posts and make me feel less alone even if it’s not exactly the same.

And it’s comforting because there is still people who understand and that’s really important for when you come home from dealing with a world that doesn’t.

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Final Fantasy Meme | Six Summons: Valefor [6/6]
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"Nintendo is adding too many female characters to its new games!"






Actual footage of me directing the world’s saddest symphony, just for you:



Seriously, nobody says this. Stop making up shit so you can feel oppressed or some shit (or you just wanted a reason to post these gifs).

"Seriously, nobody says this."




"Stop making up shit so you can feel oppressed or some shit."

I’m not a woman, actually.

But, you seemed pressed. Here, let me direct the world’s saddest symphony for you as well:



You surely showed me by providing like 2 screenshots of idiots (I’m not counting the first one, it’s clearly a joke). The vast majority of people don’t fucking care about what they add, this post is just a typical example of pandering to the masses on tumblr for some easy notes.

Those were the most obvious and readily available examples. You can just as easily check the comments section on nearly every article on gaming websites dealing with Nintendo’s newest games, and the same on YouTube (granted, YouTube is made up of mostly morons). This kind of issue also extends toward gaming in general, not just Nintendo. Nintendo is just the one current developer adding the most female characters to their gaming rosters, so they were the obvious choice. But, if you prefer to live under a rock and pretend that this isn’t an issue, be my guest.

And just so we’re clear: I have nearly 4k followers, three posts right now running at 150k+ notes (none of them dealing with social issues), and several hitting over 30k+. I don’t need to pander for notes. 

Take a seat.


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