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I have realized something about my priorities seeing people having feels over gifs and asking relevant questions about this week’s Adventure Time

I could have taken any number of things from the episode and I could partake in all the meta discussion but…

I really just want a clambulance.

I want a thing that is like an ice cream truck but for shellfish.

It was a good episode, but I am way too in love with the idea of a clambulance.

Give me





Posted at 11:37 PM on Mar 27, 2013 with 6 notes #food/ #adventure time #I'm hungry #CLAMBULANCE
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    Exactly! Now I want to be the owner of a clambulance!
  2. asingingpenguin said: I somehow knew you were going to say that.
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    get an ice cream truck and label it “clamublance” drive around playing the Cheers song see how many tears happen this is...
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